Memorial Benches for Ecuador

In Memory of a Loved One

Memorial benches are a beautiful way to pay tribute to a lost loved one, or to simply commemorate a precious memory forever. A memorial bench can be placed in a public place along a river or in a park, or in your own garden, We have many pre-approved locations already dedicated for these benches long the rivers authorized by the city.

Why are memorial benches so significant?

They are important because as well as honoring a person, place or event, they also provide a restful place for people who pass by. Many people like to add a commemorative plaque with a few words of tribute.

Making the decision to organize a memorial bench can be a difficult one as if often comes at a very sad time. The loss of a loved one is one of life’s most distressing events. Many find a memorial bench to be helpful in coming to terms with the loss. They are viewed as a celebration of life that can be enjoyed for years to come. Some people like to place the bench in a spot that their loved on liked to visit.

Include a Commemorative Engraving

We include the offer of a small plaque of anodized aluminum to pay tribute to a loved one or a friend or even a pet that has passed. This plaque will be placed at the center of the top board. Some people like to simply have the name of the person who passed. Others prefer to add dates as a celebration of the years of the loved one’s life. Some like to include a few lines of text of a quote from a poem as a dedication to the deceased. This is a lovely way of showing what they meant to those who are still alive.

Get Started

Simply notify us that you would like to commission a Memorial Bench and a plaque designed to your desire for a loved one and we will take care of everything. We will have you chose a location that has been pre-approved by the authorities.


Construction consists of poured concrete ends with double 3/8 rebar internally to assure durability. The wood used is Canella, a very hard wood for resisting the elements to assure a long life. We offer the choice of painted green or a brown stain with a clear finish to resist the elements.


We are currently offering two different styles at a price of $250. The cost includes everything from the construction of the memorial bench, the placement, and the plaque.

Cuenca’s Memorial Bench Project

Hi, my name is Bruce Cook. I lost a loved one  and searched for a way to honor the person that I miss every day. You may be struggling with a similar loss and are looking for a way to honor them. After thinking long and hard I decided this memorial bench project  would serve as a lasting reminder of how much that person meant to me now and forevermore.

If you feel compelled to take the next step and want to order your custom memorial bench you can contact us below to purchase or for a free consultation.

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